Volume 9 Issue 4 (April, 2021)

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Psychological impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health Professionals working in different tertiary level healthcare setups of India
Dipanjan Bhattacharya, Atul Kumar Rai, Narendra Kumar Singh, Vipin Koushal, Sonia Shinde Mahajan, Pranay Mahajan

Background: The exponential increase of mental health issues associated with COVID-19 increased the pressure on mental health professionals. Hence, this study was conducted to assess the psychological consequences of Covid-19 on mental health professionals working in the country. Methods: This multi-centric study was conducted on mental health professionals of the country. The data collection was done online by using a survey form created through the Google Forms platform. Socio-demographic data sheet, Coronavirus Anxiety Scale and Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale - 21 Items (DASS-21) were used for data collection. The data analysis was done by using Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) Windows version 25. Descriptive statistics, Independent Samples t Test and Pearson’s Correlation (Two Tailed) were used for data analysis. Results: The mean age of the selected mental health professionals was noted to be 33.89 ± 7.79 years. In all the domains of the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale - 21 Items (DASS-21) females scored significantly higher than males (p =0.0001). The psychiatric nurses reported significantly higher level of anxiety and stress in the DASS-21 items. Significant positive correlations were noted between the corona virus anxiety and the three domains of the DASS-21. Conclusion: A considerable psychological impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was observed on the mental health professionals of our country. Increased anxiety about the corona virus was associated with increased likelihood of depression, stress and anxiety among the mental health professionals. Keywords: Covid-19, mental health, psychological impact, mental health professionals

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