Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

Review Articles

An Updated Review of Surgery First Orthognathic Approach (SFOA)
Dr. Nirmala Mrugesh Devar, Dr. Preethi Arunachalam

Surgeon and orthodontist play an important role in management of skeletal malocclusion. In order to correct skeletal malocclusion, there are two types of surgical approach. i.e. orthodontics- first and surgery first approach. One of the major drawback related to Conventional orthognathic surgery treatment involves a prolonged period of orthodontic treatment (pre- and post-surgery) whereas , surgery-first orthognathic approach (SFOA) sees orthognathic surgery being carried out first, followed by orthodontic treatment for the purpose of aligning the teeth and occlusion. In surgery first approach, RAP helps to make possible proficient orthodontic treatment. Keywords: Surgery-first orthognathic surgery, skeletal malocclusion, treatment time.

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