Volume 8 Issue 11 (November, 2020)

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Knowledge, attitude and perception on endo-perio lesions in practicing dentists- A qualitative research study
Dr Ankita Khandelwal, Dr. Jayesh Billore, Dr. Brajesh Gupta, Dr Shraddha Jaroli, Dr. Nitin Agrawal

Aim: The purpose of the present research was to assess the knowledge as well as to analyze the perception skills regarding the management of Endo- Perio lesions (EPL) in dental practioners. Methodology: A descriptive survey study was conducted amongst 63 dental practioners. The dental surgeons were assessed regarding their skills as well as their knowledge about handling endo-perio lesions and the problems they face while handling combined lesions. Results: Only 31% of dental professionals especially specialists are capable to manage EPL cases. However, 92% of participants felt the need to add more study material in the undergraduate curriculum regarding management of EPL. Conclusion: Only by careful diagnosis in Endo-perio lesions; can the most effective therapy method be selected and the success rate increased. EPL can be a challenge to doctors as interdisciplinary collaboration is needed in order to obtain a favourable outcome. Keywords Endo-perio lesion, periodontal disease, diagnosis, treatment.

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