Volume 8 Issue 6 (June, 2020)

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Knowledge and Attitude about Reconstruction Flaps for Head and Neck Onco Surgery amongst post graduate OMFS Students- A Qualitative Study
Sasikanth Challari, Jyothi Krishnakumar, Sharwan kumar Singh, Sushant Kumar Soni, Indrajeet Singh, Mohammed Hasan Khan

Aim: Purpose of the study was to evaluate the knowledge as well as assess the attitude of post-graduate students in oral and maxillofacial specialty about reconstruction flaps used in Head and Neck Onco surgery. Methodology: Around 120 post graduate students specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery were enrolled for this study. The questions were based on choice of flaps in various surgical sites like maxillary, mandibular and combined reconstruction as well as complications and challenges they faced in handling such cases as well as their knowledge about the prognosis of each type of reconstruction flap. Results: In our study, it was noted that around 76% of participants preferred fibular flap for maxillary reconstruction. Radial forearm free flap (RFFF) was the option of choice for 88.9% of participants, for reconstruction of oral cavity defects incurred in onco surgery. Around 65.6% of participants are in favor of using fibular osteo-cutaneous free flap (FOFF) is preferred for mandibular reconstruction. Conclusion: Much more practice and training is required to equip the post-graduate students for handling the reconstruction area after onco surgery. Knowledge needs to be updated with the latest advances with the help of seminars, continuing dental education program. Keywords onco surgery, reconstruction flaps, head and neck tumors, RFFF, PMMF.

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