Volume 8 Issue 5 (May, 2020)

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Evaluation of levels of CRP in patients with peri-implantitis- A clinical study
Satvik Kulkarni, Pratima Oswal, Mansi Kulkarni, Supriya Sawant, Ancia Vas, Ketaki Rajguru

Background: Peri-implantitis is a kind of chronic progressive inflammation, which occurs in the soft and/or hard tissues surrounding the functional osseointegrated implants. This study was conducted to evaluate the levels of CRP in patients with active peri-implantitis. Material and methods: 40 patients were included in this study. These were divided into two groups. Group 1 comprised of 20 patients with definitive evidence of peri-implantitis as diagnosed both clinically and radiographically. Group 2 had 20 healthy patients with no evidence of peri-implantitis (control group). The GCF of all the patients was collected and sent to laboratory for precise measurements of CRP levels and their comparison with the control groups. Based on the lab reports all the data was assimilated on the excel sheets for further assessment. Results: The mean value of CRP in group with peri-implantitis patients was 402.6 pg/ml. The mean value of CRP in control group was 190.4 pg/ml. Group 1 and group 2 showed standard deviation of 57.6 and 29.1 pg/ml respectively. It was observed that the CRP levels in patients with peri-implantitis were significantly higher than the control group. This variation was statistically significant with a P-value of .01. Conclusion: The levels of C reactive protein in the gingival crevicular fluid of patients with peri-implantitis were significantly higher as compared to healthy patients. Key words: C Reactive proteins, Peri-impantitis.

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