Volume 8 Issue 5 (May, 2020)

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Knowledge on Pediatric Oral Surgery Procedures amongst Newly Qualified Post Graduate Students
Muqthadir Siddiqui Mohammed Abdul, Mohd Abdul Qayyum, Debangana Choudhury, Abanti Saha, Ankita Chandak, Alpana Kumari

Aim of the study: The purpose of the study is to assess the knowledge of post-graduate students regarding pediatric oral surgery procedures. Methodology: A descriptive and an open-ended format questionnaire survey was conducted amongst 56 pedodontics post graduate students over a period of 1 year. The questions were based on amount of expertise in handling the pediatric patients for surgical indications of various infections, anomalies or lesions in oral cavity. Results: Most of the post graduate students (95.3%) have ample experience and knowledge in extracting carious tooth, any fractured roots (77%), supernumerary teeth (85.9%) with ease. However, in case of 43% survey participants, there was difficulty in handling anxious as well as phobic patients. 67.6% post graduate students had less knowledge of handling bigger lesions like- ranula, cellulitis etc. as well as fracture reduction (79.6%) and they usually request an intervention from oral surgeons. Conclusion: All the members of dental profession must be aware of patientsí perceptions, preferences, and fear to meet patientís needs. Dental studies should include guidelines and techniques to train the upcoming dentists for excellent practice in paediatric dentistry. Keywords: comprehensive treatment, pediatric dentistry, dis-impaction, oral lesions.

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