Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

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Evaluation and Comparison of Efficacy Of 2% Gluteraldhyde and Ozone Water for Disinfecting Polyether and Polyvinyl Monophase Impression Material: An In Vivo Study
Neha Prakash1, Purushotam kumar2, Ankita Parmar, Garima Mukoupadhyay, Pritish Pal

Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of 2% gluteraldehyde and ozone for disinfecting Polyether Monophase and Polyvinyl monophase impression material. Materials and methods: Ten healthy dentulous subjects irrespective of gender were selected. For each dentulous subject four impressions of maxillary arch were made with Polyvinyl siloxane and Polyether monophase impression material. First impression was kept as control. Second impression was disinfected with 2% gluteraldehyde for 10 minutes and third impression was disinfected by ozone water for 10 minutes. The colonies were observed based on standard method and technique under binocular microscope and the growth in broth were observed based on their turbidity with the help of colorimeter. Results: The intergroup comparison was done by using ANOVA test while the comparison between two groups was done by using paired t test. Conclusion: In this study 2% gluteraldehyde was found to be more effective in killing microorganisms. Ozone water showed least changes when compared to 2% gluteraldehyde and was effective in killing microorganisms so can be used as an alternative. Key words: Gluteraldehyde, monophase impression material, Polyvinyl siloxane.

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