Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

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Effect of White Tea in Patients with chronic Generalised Periodontitis
Sanjay Kumar Singh, Sulekha Kumari, Jhankar Shah, Jitendra Acharya

Periodontal diseases, if left unchecked, can lead to major health problems. There are a number of traditional herbal remedies for the treatment and management of diseases related to periodontium and oral hygiene. Tea, the commonly consumed beverage, is gaining increased attention in promoting overall health. It is a very popular beverage, and studies have shown that tea polyphenols inhibit the growth and cellular adherence of periodontal pathogens and their production of virulence factors. In this study we investigated the effect of intake of white tea and periodontal disease. Aims and objectives: To evaluate the effect of white tea in chronic generalized periodontitis patients. Materials and methods: 20 patients, who consented to be a part of the study, were analysed. Plaque Index, modified Gingival Index and probing depth were used to assess the periodontal parameters at baseline and 3 months. The intake of white tea was defined as the number of cups consumed per day. Results: It was observed that every cup of white tea/day was associated with a decrease in periodontitis. Conclusion: there is an inverse association between intake of white tea and periodontitis. Key words: White tea, periodontal condition, dentistry.

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