Volume 7 Issue 7 (July, 2019)

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Role of calcium hydroxide in root canal therapy- A comprehensive review
Syed Yasir Qadiri, Shabeena Mustafa

Calcium hydroxide is classified chemically as a strong base with a high pH (approximately 12.5–12.8). Its main properties come from the ionic dissociation of Ca2+ and OH ions and their effect on vital tissues, generating the induction of hard-tissue deposition and being antibacterial. It is widely used in endodontics as an intracanal medicament to eliminate the remaining microorganisms after chemomechanical preparation. Hence; in the present review, we aim to highlight role of calcium hydroxide in root canal therapy.
Key words: Calcium hydroxide, Root canal therapy
Received: 13 May, 2019                            Revised:  12 June 2019                             Accepted: 14 June 2019

Corresponding author: Dr. Syed Yasir Qadiri, Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry, Najran University, KSA.

This article may be cited as: Qadiri SY, Mustafa S. Role of calcium hydroxide in root canal therapy: A comprehensive review. J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2019;7(7): 1-3.

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