Volume 6 Issue 9 (September, 2018)

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Forensic Odontology - A New Scope in Dentistry
Amandeep Bhullar, Sandeep Kaur Bhullar, Surbhi Verma

Forensic Odontology uses the skill of the dentist in human identification during mass calamities, sexual assault and child abuse to name a few. It’s role and importance in the judiciary is rapidly growing and hence in depth knowledge in this field seems more than justified. In recent time this branch has shown its potential for growth and to discuss its scope and future prospects is need of the hour.
Key words: Forensic odontology, DNA Analysis, Bite Marks

Received: 12 June  2018                                                 Revised: 13 July 2018                                         Accepted: 15 July 2018
Corresponding author: Dr. Amandeep Bhullar, Senior lecturer, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Rayat Bahra Dental College and Hospital, Mohali, Punjab,  India

This article may be cited as: Bhullar A, Bhullar SK, Verma S. Forensic Odontology - A New Scope in Dentistry. J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2018;6(9):27-31.

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