Volume 9 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

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Marginal bone loss around dental implants after implantation with platelet rich plasma: An observational study
Dr. Shipra Sepolia, Dr. Soujanya Koyalada

Background: Dental Implant placement is seen as one of the promising disciplines of dentistry. These help in providing an ideal prosthesis for the stomato-gnathic apparatus which helps in restoration of both esthetics as well as function. It also helps in improving the overall oral health. Several adjunctive materials such as use of platelet concentrates along side various techniques have been proposed for enhancing and protecting harmony of surrounding marginal bone and peri-implant soft tissues for ascertaining longevity of the implant system. Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate marginal bone loss around dental implants after implantation with platelet rich plasma. Materials and methods: Total of 300 study subjects who were categorized into- a) Group I (Implants with PRP) and b) Group II (Implants without PRP) were included in the study. Exclusion criteria was persons with any smoking habit. Various clinical and radiographic parameters were assessed such as- plaque index, bleeding on probing index, probing depth, mobility of implant and assessment of osseo-integration were studied. Collected data was statistically analyzed using Fisher’s exact test and Chi square test for statistical significance. Results: No statistical difference was observed between both the study groups indicating no prognostic difference in clinical and final outcome. Conclusion: Present study found no difference in marginal bone loss in both the study groups. Hence, it can be concluded that the amount of marginal bone loss is unaffected by use of PRP concentrate during implant placement. Keywords: Dental, implants, marginal bone, loss, radiographic, clinical, PRP.

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