Volume 8 Issue 10 (October, 2020)

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Dental Anxiety Among Final Year Undergraduate Students, Postgraduate Pediatric Dental Students and their instructors- A Cross Sectional Study
Dr. Nilesh Rojekar, Dr. Arunkumar Sajjanar, Dr. Sadanand Kulkarni, Dr. Durga Bhattad, Dr. Harshita Shukla, Dr. Dishika Bhagwani

Introduction: Dental anxiety constitutes a major problem for patients and dental care providers alike. Anxious patients tend to avoid treatment, and are difficult to manage once they are in the dental chair. Avoidance of dental treatment due to anxiety is very common and appears to be strongly associated with extreme deterioration of oral and dental health. Aim: Measure the dental anxiety levels of Final Year Undergraduate Students, PGS and their instructors. Ranking of the most anxiety-provoking situations in the dental setting by using MDAS and DFS. Population and method: The study population included 60 Final Year Undergraduate Students,60 Postgraduate Pediatric Dental Students and 60 instructors. All the instructors were specialists in pediatric dentistry. MDAS and DFS used to collect the response. Results: The mean MDAS and DFS scores of final year UGS, the PGS and the instructors was 18.463.13 for UGs, for PGs it was 15.701.51 and for instructor it was 82.03. Mean DFS total score for UGs was 36.234.77, for PGs it was 27.064.02 and for instructor it was 17.864.83. Conclusion: The level of dental anxiety among UGS is more as compared to PGS and their instructors it might affect pediatric dental treatment provided by one group or the other. Key words: Dental anxiety, Dental fear, MDAS, DFS.

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