Volume 8 Issue 9 (September, 2020)

Case Reports

Phonetic implications of Oro-nasal fistula- Case Report
Tabeena Sahaqi, John JH

Oroantral fistulas represent a clinically viable communication between the nasal and the oral cavity. Depending upon the size of the opening one may experience difficulties in mastication, swallowing, speech and phonation. While it is generally believed that the impairment of phonetics does not occur unless the size of the opening is large, we present a case of a young male who, despite a small lesion mesiodistally had a relatively increased depth in relation to the vault of the palate thus impairing his phonetic ability significantly. The mere closure of the opening using an interim prosthesis resulted in speech improvement. The patient was satisfied with the outcome of the prosthesis and was motivated to undergo surgical correction based on the results. Key words: Oro antral communication, phonetics, speech therapy, resonance, consonants.

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