Volume 8 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

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Prevalence and Pattern of Maxillofacial Trauma-A Retrospective study
Jayesh Rai, H.S.Markam, Rajesh Waskle, Heeralal Chokotiya, Sandeep Shrivastava

Background: Trauma is one of the leading causes of death in the age group under 40 years old. Maxillofacial injuries follow trauma to the face, head, and jaws, and 51% of road traffic accidents (RTAs) lead to maxillofacial injury. Hence; the present study was undertaken for analysing the prevalence and pattern of maxillofacial trauma (MFT). Materials & methods: Analysis of 593 patients who reported with history of trauma was enrolled. Complete demographic and clinical profile of all the patients were obtained from data record files. Among these 593 patients of trauma, 138 patients had trauma involving maxillofacial region. The nature of the injury was recorded. Other important associated factors like influence of alcohol, cause of trauma, pattern of injury etc. were also recorded. Results: Mean age of the patients was 43.8 years. Road traffic accident was the main etiologic factor for MFT, responsible for 47.10 percent of the patients. Influence of alcohol at the time of trauma was found to be present in 29 patients. Dento-alveolar fractures occurred in 26.09 percent of the patients. Mandibular fractures occurred in 38.41 percent of the patients. Conclusion: Driving under the influence of alcohol is a significant risk factor for occurrence of maxillofacial trauma. Also, traumatic involvement of dento-alveolar region and mandible in such cases is a common finding. Key words: Trauma, Maxillo-facial

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