Volume 8 Issue 6 (June, 2020)

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Knowledge Awareness Fear and Practice among Dentists to Novel Coronavirus Disease- A Questionnaire Survey
Adithya Das, Ashwin Varghese Alexander, Karuna Sandra Thomas, A.K.George, Keerthi Mariam Joseph

Aim: The purpose of the study was to assess the awareness of dentists in handling their fear and apprehension as well as modification in their clinical practice due to coronavirus pandemic. Methodology: Our study enrolled 200 dentists as participants in the online survey. Of the total participants, 100 were BDS practitioners and 100 were speciality post graduate practitioners. They were sent a questionnaire based on their knowledge about COVID-19 pandemic. Results: The result clearly shows that 79% MDS dentists were far less apprehensive and anxious while providing treatment to patients who might have COVID-19 infection as compared to BDS dentists (66/100). A high number of BDS dentists (52/100) were afraid of getting quarantines, if they get infected at all, which shows their anxiety level as compared to only 12/100 MDS dentists having similar fear. 99% of all MDS dentists follow the universal precautions while handling patients so as to ensure their as well as patientís safety. Conclusion: Our study clearly shows that BDS dental practitioners were more apprehensive as compared to MDS practitioners, who were more confident to treat patients who had COVID-19 like symptoms. In reality, not much is known about coronavirus and misinformation generally creates a panic like situation. So, as more authentic information is relayed to health care providers then this anxiety and fear will also lessen. Keywords COVID-19, Coronavirus, Dentistry, Fear, Precaution.

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