Volume 8 Issue 3 (March, 2020)

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Prosthodontists Choice on Selection of Anterior and Posterior Crowns for Prosthetic Rehabilitation- A Cross Sectional Study
Md Siraj UR Rahman, Pranusha Dubbaka, Saloni Sahani, Sabitha Thippaluru, Shazia Kazi, Nikita Gujarathi

Aim To identify recent choice of materials for anterior as well as posterior crowns for prosthetic rehabilitation in case of fixed dental prosthesis. Materials and Methods An anonymous questionnaire was given to 27 prosthodontists related to materials used for anterior and posterior crowns for fixed dental prosthesis based on strength, stability, esthetics and technique sensitivity. Their responses were analyzed statistically by SPSS software. Frequency analysis was carried out to determine the materials of choice for the restoration. Results The top three material choices for anterior teeth were lithium disilicate (54%), layered zirconia (17%), and leucite reinforced glass ceramic (13%). The top three material choices for posterior crowns were all-zirconia (32%), PFM (31%), and full metal crowns (21%). The analysis of material selection by dentist and practice characteristics. Conclusion Visual requirements and technical options have to be balanced in each clinical situation. The materials which fulfilled all the factors as well as reasonable cost of fabrication becomes the choice of restorative material. Key words: Esthetics, stability, rehabilitation, prosthesis, longevity.

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