Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

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Comparative evaluation of efficacy of proximal femoral nail and dynamic hip screw among patients with intertrochanteric hip fractures
Subeg Singh, Amit Sharma, Sandeep Singh, Mandeep Mittal

Background: Hip fracture contributes to both morbidity and mortality in the elderly. Therefore; we conducted this comparative to investigate whether there is a significant difference between PFN and DHS fixation in treatment of intertrochanteric fractures. Materials & methods: A total of 20 patients with fracture inter-trochantric femur were taken for evaluation of DHS v/s PFN with 10 patients in each group. Ethical clearance was obtained from institutional ethical committee and written consent was obtained after explaining in detail the entire research protocol. Patients were given post-op antibiotics for adequate duration. All patients were regularly followed up in OPD. Clinico-radiological assessment of the patient was done and comparison was done in terms of duration of surgery and Harris hip score. All the results were analysed by SPSS software. Results: Mean duration of surgery among the patients of the DHS group and PFN group was 66.8 minutes and 56.8 minutes respectively. Mean Harris hip score among the patients of the DHS group and PFN group was 84.5 and 85.1 respectively. Non-significant results were obtained while comparing the mean Harris hip score among the patients of the two study groups. Conclusion: Both PFN and DHS are equally effective in terms of clinical outcome. However; PFN group has shorter duration of surgery. Key words: Dynamic hip screw, Proximal femoral nail

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