Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

Review Articles

3D-Printing- The New Frontier in Prosthodontics - A Review
Ajay Pandey, Lily Tiwari

The Prosthodontics work always been considered as tedious , laborious and time consuming . But in the 21st century innovation in the field of machining and digitalization has made the work of prosthodontics much easier , simpler and faster . The most widely acceptable example of this technique has been used of CAD-CAM (computer aided design- computer aided machine). This concept also has had its share of deficiencies. The new concept of 3D –printing exhibits the potential to overcome these deficiencies and present itself at the fore front of prosthodontics art and science. 3D-printing employs an additive manufacturing process whereby products are built on a layer-by-layer basis, through a series of cross-sectional slices. 3D-printing can be used not only produce fixed partial dentures which may be both meta and ceramic based restorations(crown, inlays and onlays) but also complex restoration like removable partial denture and maxillofacial prosthesis. But still evidence base research is required to validate this revolutionary concept of technology. Key words: 3D printing, CAD-CAM technology, Stereolithography, Rapid prototyping, Fused deposition modelling, Inkjet Printing.

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