Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

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Knowledge, attitude and practice of parents towards antibiotic usage in children
Kishan Chand Gupta

Background: Lack of knowledge among parents regarding the judicious use of antibiotics in managing common childhood illnesses can result in its misuse. The main objective of this article is to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practices of parents regarding antibiotic administration in children. Material and Method: Data regarding demographic profile of patient or caregiver, idea regarding pediatric dosage forms, dosing of medicines, and medication errors during administration were recorded from 145 caregivers. Reconstitution of dry powder and measurement of 5 mL liquid medicine using measuring cup of the medicine phial was demonstrated by the caregivers. A standard questionnaire comprising of questions related to antibiotics, its indications, resistance and doctor-patient relationship was given to them and their responses were recorded. Result: Majority of participants were young and educated parents. Out of the 145 parentís majority of the respondents (63%) were mothers Most of them were not aware of the indications of antibiotics with only 19% agreeing that antibiotics have no role against viruses. Also only 23% accepted that antibiotics are not necessary for short duration fever and common cold. Most common symptoms to visit pediatrician included cough (27%), followed by ear pain (19%) and nasal discharge (14%). 98 respondents (68%) purchased antibiotics without a prescription, whereas 47 (32%) purchased it only after obtaining a prescription. However, only seven (5%) followed instructions regarding antibiotic usage, whereas majority did not receive any advice from their doctor regarding use. Conclusion: Physicians need to be aware of the limitations of knowledge and the possibility of wrong administration practices among caregivers of children. Majority of parents admitted to self-administration of antibiotics. There is a need of intervention to increase awareness regarding use of antibiotics and to check un-prescribed dispensing of antibiotics. The high level of trust on doctors by parents should encourage physicians to be rational in their antibiotic prescriptions. Key words: Children, Antibiotic misuse, Antibiotic resistance.

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