Volume 6 Issue 10 (October, 2018)

Case Reports

Management of Internal Resorption by Laser Disinfection and Thermoplasticised Obturation
Drisya Soman, Moksha Nayak, V Krishnan

Endodontic therapy for teeth diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis has been in use for many years,and continues to be the standard of care in the dental practice. In simple cases, where mechanical instrumentation and chemical irrigation can achieve sufficient cleaning and disinfection, endodontic treatment is reported to be as high as 96% successful. However, in cases where root canal systems are more complex, proper cleaning of the organic debris, removal of smear layer and disinfection, has proven to be a challenge. Long-standing chronic periapical lesions and complex root canal anatomy, examples of which include the presence of isthmus, apical deltas and lateral canals, the predictability of successful endodontic therapy is significantly reduced. Lasers of different wavelengths have been shown to be useful in improving disinfection and smear layer removal in more complicated endodontic cases. In this article, we describe a case of laser-assisted endodontic therapy of a lower premolar exhibiting radiographic evidence of internal resorption and clinical symptoms of irreversible pulpitis. The case was recommended for extraction following endodontic consultation, as there was suspected buccal root perforation.Mechanical instrumentation was performed using Protaper Next Rotary system followed by the diode 940nm laser for deeper disinfection of the dentinal tubules. Thermoplasticized obturation technique was utilized. The protocol was successful and one-year radiographic follow-up is presented as evidence. Key Words: Internal resorption, laser disinfection, thermoplasticised obturation. Received: 11 August 2018 Revised: 22 September 2018 Accepted: 23 September 2018 Corresponding Author: Dr. Drisya Soman, Senior Lecturer, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Azeezia College of Dental Sciences &Research, Meeyannoor, Kollam, Kerala 691537, India This article may be cited as: Soman D, Nayak M, Krishnan V. Management of Internal Resorption by Laser Disinfection and Thermoplasticised Obturation. J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2018;6(10):90-93.

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