Volume 6 Issue 6 (June, 2018)

Case Reports

Surgical Lip Repositioning- A Compelling Procedure to reduce Gingival Display
Anuj Singh Parihar

Excessive gingival display or ‘Gummy smile’ is an aesthetic concern of an individual, affecting the overall personality. It can be predictably managed by Orthognathic surgery and Orthodontic treatment. The purpose of present article is to report an alternative and comparatively less invasive surgical procedure ‘Lip repositioning’ to treat ‘gummy smile’. This case report discusses a 26 years Indian male patient presented with Excessive gingival display. On examination, dynamic smile was extending from maxillary right first molar to maxillary left first molar, with 4 to 5mm of excessive gingival display with normal maxillary anterior anatomic proportions. A comprehensive treatment plan was made which includes Scaling and Root planing followed by Lip positioning procedure to correct excessive gingival display. The purpose of presenting this case is to describe an alternative treatment modality for treatment of excessive gingival display.
Key words: Gummy line, lip Repositioning.

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