Volume 6 Issue 6 (June, 2018)

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Assessment of Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on Gingival Health- A Clinical Study
Amarpreet Singh Sandhu

Background: Orthodontic treatment has been reported to be associated with certain risks and complications of the oral tissues. Hence; we planned the present study to assess the effect of orthodontic treatment on the gingival health. Materials & methods: We planned the present study to evaluate the effect of orthodontic treatment on the gingival health. A total of 38 patients, scheduled to undergo fixed orthodontic treatment were included in the present study. Patients were recalled after every twenty days for follow-up. Both the clinical and radiographic follow-up record of all the patients was obtained. This included evaluation of the periodontal status: visible plaque and visible inflammation. All the data were recorded and compiled in Microsoft excel sheet. Results: Significant increase in visible plaque, visible inflammation and gingival recession occurred after finishing of fixed orthodontic treatment. Conclusion: Orthodontic treatment is significantly associated in increased destruction of the periodontal structures.
Key words: Gingival health, Orthodontic treatment, Periodontitis

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