Volume 5 Issue 8 (August, 2017)

Review Articles

Neeraj Grover, Spinder Kour, Sanjeet Singh, Nishant Singh

Azzopardi phenomenon  is a histomorphologic phenomenon characterized by deposition of the basophilic material in the necrotic  blood vessel walls associated with several malignant tumors. It was first correctly identified in 1959 by John G Azzopardi as DNA material associated with tumor necrosis. Azzopardi confirmed it to be DNA material  that is liberated due to necrosis as it showed positive feulgen reaction. This process was considered to be seen in malignancies only, but various researches done in this field are unveiling the occurance of Azzopardi phenomenon in other diseases apart from malignancies. Still now curtain is rising in this phenomenon as various new discoveries are being added up in it.This article aims to highlight reviews in the occurrence and presence of Azzopardi phenomenon.
Key words: Azzopardi phenomenon, blood vessels, DNA, Malignancies.

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