Volume 9 Issue 4 (April, 2021)

Case Reports

Hypersensitivity Reaction to Nickel Based Metal Ceramic Prosthesis- A Case Report
Neha Verma, Adit Srivastava, Pavan kumar Dubey

Metal alloys are being used in dentistry for several decades now.They are used in various prosthetic and restorative procedures in dentistry. Among the present alloys,nickel based alloys have gained popularity as they provide necessary strength,flexure and are cost effective. However, in few patients hypersensitivity reaction to nickel has been reported. Hypersenstivity reaction to metal manifests as contact dermatitis orally and periorally with symptoms like burning, gingival inflammation, erythema, ulceration and swelling.This delayed hypersenstivity reaction can be attributed to previous sensitization from nickel contained in food and jewellery. Keywords- hypersenstivity, dental alloys, metal allergy, nickel prosthesis.

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