Volume 6 Issue 2 (February, 2018)

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Assessment of C Reactive Protein in pre and post dialysis patients of Chronic Kidney Disease with Diabetes and Hypertension
Ranjeet Singh

Background: Dialysis is an artificial replacement of kidney function, done especially in renal failure cases. C-reactive protein was so named because it was first identified as a substance in the serum of patients with acute inflammation which reacted with the somatic 'C' carbohydrate antigen of Pneumococcus. Hence; under the light of above obtained data, we planned the present study to assess C reactive protein as an inflammatory marker in pre and post dialysis patients of chronic kidney disease with diabetes and hypertension. Materials & methods: A total of 50 patients were enrolled. The patients were subjected to detailed history and clinical examination and other investigations. Information regarding age and sex distribution, clinical diagnosis was collected. Patients with more than 40 years of age with stage 5 chronic kidney disease to undergo dialysis for the first time and with presence of both Diabetes and Hypertension were included. All patients underwent complete clinical examination of blood pressure, pulse rate and systemic examination. Biochemical testing was done. C-reactive protein was measured using autoanalyzer. Results: Mean C reactive proteins levels among the pre-dialysis patients and post-dialysis patients was 3.05 mg/L and 3.56 mg/L respectively. Significant results were obtained while comparing the mean C Reactive proteins among pre-dialysis and post-dialysis patients. Conclusion: Chronic inflammation seems to permeate the hypertensive diabetic renal disease, thus more objectively contributing to the renal arteriolar degenerative process. Key words: C reactive proteins, Renal, Dialysis.

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