Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

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Evaluation and Assessment of Bonding of Heat Cure Acrylic Resin to Cobalt-Chromium Alloy; Old Ideas Employing Newer Concepts – An Original Study
Anshika Agarwal, Shivanshu, Preeti Krishna, Uttkarsh Bhatt, Vivek Sharma Shivam Bhardwaj

Background and Aim: In removable prosthodontics, partial dentures are commonly fabricated with acrylic resin and metal framework. These are well suited for such frameworks because of their mechanical properties, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. This study aimed to evaluate the status of the bonding strength between acrylic resin and partial denture casting alloys along with their clinical applicability that can best retain the said prosthesis with minimal failure. Materials & Methods: Pioneer workers and their contributions were compiled using popular search engines, scholarly search bibliographic databases and textbooks were searched until May 2018 using MeSH (Medical Subject Headings; PubMed) based keywords such as “Acrylic Resins”, “Chromium Alloys”, “Denture Bases”, “Surface Properties”. The search was limited to original researches, reviews, systematic researches and meta-analyses in various dental journals published over the last 38 years in English language only. A total of 95 articles were identified however after examining the titles and abstracts, this number was finally condensed to 44 articles. Statistical Analysis & Results: All the studied data were complied and sent for statistical analysis using statistical software Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 21. The resultant data was subjected to relevant statistical tests to obtain p values, mean, standard deviation, chi- square test, standard error and 95% CI. Conclusion: Our study results clearly show that till date none of the study has explained the exact bonding and its longevity on the prosthesis. Hence the need of our is to have some long term authentic studies which could define the exact role of various surface treatments and bonding techniques to build more comprehensive understanding in this perspective. Key words: Acrylic Resins, Chromium Alloys, Denture Bases, Surface Properties

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