Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

Case Reports

Giant Ameloblastoma of Mandible: A Case Report
Rahul Tiwari, Philip Mathew, Arun Ramaiah, Prashant Pareek, Bhaskar Roy, Rahul Anand

Ameloblastomas are rare, slowly growing and locally invasive tumors with high recurrence rate, if not treated they can grow to enormous size.Ameloblastoma is a benign locally invasive epithelial odontogenic tumor comprising 1% of all tumors and cysts arising in the jaws. It is commonly found in the third and fourth decade in the molar ramus region of the mandible. Among all types of ameloblastoma, multicystic ameloblastoma is believed to be locally aggressive lesion that has the tendency for recurrence. In this report we present a large multicystic ameloblastoma in the left body-ramus region of the mandible in a 45-year-old man. This large lesion was diagnosed with the help of 3DCT and was successfully managed by hemimandibulectomy. Key Words: Ameloblastoma, Multicystic, Surgical management, Radical excision

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