Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

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Maternal & Perinatal Outcome in Antepartum Hemorrhage- A Clinical Study
Sapna Raj, Amritpal Kaur, Suparna Grover, Ashwani Kumar

Background: Antepartum hemorrhage (APH) is a major cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and is considered one of the complications of pregnancy. The present study was conducted to find out the incidence of antepartum hemorrhage, maternal and perinatal mortality in comparison to normal pregnancy, risk factors of APH. Materials & Methods: The present study included a total of 200 cases in which 100 pregnant women with antepartum hemorrhage (cases) (Group A) and 100 cases of normal pregnancy without any associated complication (control) (Group B) were considered. In all cases, causes of APH, maternal and perinatal complications were recorded. Results: Maximum number of patients 44% and 38% belonged to age group 25- 29 years in group B and group A. Maximum patients were of abruption placentae (52%) followed by placenta previa (30%). Maximum number of patients (49%) had first episode of APH between 31- 35 weeks followed by >35 weeks (31%) and 28- 30 weeks (20%). Among the patients maximum number of malpresentations were breech in group A (11%) and group B (10%). Most common maternal complication was post partum hemorrhage seen in 18% in group A and 6% in group B. Shock was seen in 15% in group A and 3% of cases in group B. Prematurity was the most common complication in group A accounts 39% while in group B 18% followed by fetal hypoxia (23% in group A) & (2% in group B) and respiratory distress 20% and 6% in group A and group B respectively. Live birth were 74 in group A and 95 in group B. Perinatal mortality were observed in 26% in group A whereas 5% in group B which shows that perinatal outcome was better in group B as compared to group A. Conclusion: Antepartum hemorrhage is a major cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality which could be prevented by early registration, regular antenatal care, early detection of high risk cases and early referral to higher centre. Key words: Antepartum hemorrhage, Maternal mortality, Perinatal mortality.

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