Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

Review Articles

Oral Adverse effects of Radiotherapy: A Review
Palkin Mehta, Ankur Bhagat, Vikas Sharma, Lavina Arya

Oral cancer now-a-days is a major health issue in developing countries like India which is caused mainly due to tobacco dependence.It is among the 10 most common cancers worldwide, and is especially seen in disadvantaged elderly males. Treatment of Oral Cancerplays a vital role in dentistry which includes Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery or a combination of any of these treatmentmodalities. Radiotherapy is the use of a certain type of energy called ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Radiotherapy may result in several adverse effects that manifest either during or after the treatment which includes Xerostomia, dental caries, mucositis, Dysgeusia, ageusia, osteoradionecrosis, infection, and trismus.These effects can be eradicated or controlled with proper treatment.This paper aims to review the effects of ionizing radiation on the oral cavity. Key words: Radiotherapy, mucositis, ageusia, osteoradionecrosis.

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