Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

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Influence of age on female cardiovascular autonomic sympathetic function tests
Kirti Goyal, Prahlad Kalwan

Assessment of sympathetic function is an important non-invasive investigation in medical practice. This study aimed at assessing the effects of age and on sympathetic function test indices. Two non-invasive cardiovascular autonomic function tests were carried out by CANWin Analysis System in 75 healthy female subjects between the age group of 20 to 70 years and divided into five groups, each comprises of 15 subjects. Assessment of sympathetic activity is done by systolic blood pressure (SBP) response to standing test and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) response to sustained handgrip exercise. In our study only blood pressure response to sustained handgrip test shows statically significant result and shows that with increase in age there is decline in sympathetic functions. From this study it may concluded that ageing process substantially impaired cardiovascular sympathetic activity. So evaluation of autonomic status in elderly is important factor for determining the treatment planning and drug action in the elderly in whom there may be impaired responsiveness to autonomic reflexes and receptor sensitivity. Key words: Sympathetic function, CANWin analysis system, cardiovascular autonomic function tests, Systolic blood pressure (SBP), Diastolic blood pressure (DBP).

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