Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

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Rural Healthcare in India: A paucity between prerequisites and provisions
Shivani Bhardwaj, Vishal Garg, Kislaya Kumar

Introduction: India is a developing country with the tremendous potential for manpower and has witnessed a rapid growth in the economy over the last few decades. Health care is a diverse sector with many challenges and reforms in India. The accessibility of healthcare as well as utilization of available healthcare facilities, especially in rural areas, continues to be poor in India which in turn affects the daily performance and general life satisfaction. The globalized WHO slogans ‘health for all’, ‘millennium developmental goalsand more recently ‘universal health care was unsuccessful in translating into meaningful action on the ground. This article aims to look into the current grim scenario of ailing rural health from the eye of poor health delivery and to bridge the gap by intervening at ground levels to gain an upper edge on the goal to elevate the status of rural health. Materials and methods: Relevant Literature was searched using web-based search engines like ‘Google' and ‘PubMed', institutional library and also by cross-referencing. Consideration was given to the Documents related to central and state governments of India. This article is also based on personal communications is also a basis for preparing this article. Conclusion: Integrated approach addressing both at the individual and population level, providing financialincentives, better implementation of health programs, and strengthening of existing healthcare infrastructure will offer better rural life leading to prosperous and healthy India. Key words: Rural India, health care accessibility, disparities, resources.

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