Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

Case Reports

Cheek Plumper: Magnet Retained Approach to Enhance Esthetics for Sunken Cheeks
Vidya Hittalamani, Premaraj Jadhav, Milind Limaye, Pradeep Taide

Changes in the skin are an inevitable part of aging. Itís quite common for the cheeks to deflate as the cheek pads lose fat retention and the skin loses elasticity. As the skin begins to sag, the area around the mouth can appear worn and aged. These negative side effects of age are only exacerbated by poor diet and a lack of exercise. Certain health conditions can also make the cheeks appear hollow. As esthetics is one of the objectives in complete denture prosthesis. This clinical report describes technique to improve support for sunken cheeks using magnet retained detachable acrylic cheek plumpers. The new generation of magnets with improved technology provides sufficient denture retention for clinical application. However, further follow-up may be necessary to ascertain the long-term usefulness of the magnet-retained prosthesis, because of corrosion and further loss of magnetism. Key words: Cheek Plumper, magnet-retained prosthesis, sunken cheeks.

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