Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

Case Reports

Orthomorphic and Orthognathic treatment for Aesthetics and Function in Facial Asymmetry Post TMJ Ankylosis - A Case Report
Raja Satish Prathigudupu, Ranjith Kumar P, Phani Kumar K, Surekha Kanala, Rahul VC Tiwari, Latheef Saheb S

Introduction: Orthomorphic surgery is performed when alone orthognathic is unable to correct the condition. It refers to correction offacial asymmetry or jaw deviation without changing the occlusion. It is the best treatment option available so far for such deformities. Case Report: A 23-year-old male patient presented to us with the complaint of flattening of the right side of face. Patient gave a history of childhood trauma which lead to temporomandibular joint ankylosis and was operated for the same at the age of 10 years. He reported for unaesthetic appearance and was diagnosed as facial asymmetry with occlusal cant. Treatment was planned in two stages by giving priority to correctfunction first and then proceeding for the aesthetics 6 months later. Conclusion: An optimal function and aesthetic was achieved post-operatively. The described technique has the quality to alter the dentofacial deformity in any magnitude and directionin accurate dimension. Key words: Orthognathic surgery, orthomorphic surgery, facial asymmetry, two stage procedure.

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