Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

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Assessment of Pattern of Lip Prints in Patients with Oral Pre-malignant lesions
Iqbal Kaur, Jasdeep Kaur Cheema

Background: Several researches have proven that genetic and environmental factors are important determinants in causation of oral potentially malignant diseases (PMDs) and oral cancer. In this context, chelioscopy can also be useful tool to other diagnostic methods in identifying various diseases of genetic origin.Aim of the study: To study the pattern of lip prints in patients with oral pre-malignant lesions.Materials and methods: The present study was conducted in the Department of Oral Medicine of the dental institute. A written informed consent was obtained from the participants after explaining them the procedure of the study. For the study, we selected 50 subjects from the outpatient department. The subjects having full dentition were included. Patients were grouped into 2 groups, Group 1: Patients without oral premalignant lesions (n=25) and Group 2: Patients with oral premalignant lesions (n=25). Results: We observed that most frequent type of lip print in Group 1 was Type III lip prints. Similarly, the most frequent type of lip print in Group 2 was Type II lip prints. The results were comparable and were statistically non-significant. We observed that oral leukoplakia was seen in 4 subjects, OLP was seen in 5 subjects, oral erythroplakia was seen in 7 subjects and OSMF was seen in 9 patients. The results were comparable and observed to be statistically non-significant. Conclusion: From the results of the present study, we conclude that the association of lip prints with oral pre-malignant lesions is non-significant. Further studies are required to support the hypothesis. Key words: Lip prints, pre-cancerous lesions, pre-malignant lesions.

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