Volume 6 Issue 2 (February, 2018)

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Evaluation of Various Coping Strategies among Chronic Lower Back Pain Patients Suffering From Various Psychiatric Disorders: A Hospital Based Study
Mahesh Kumar, Prerak Kumar

Background: Chronic Low back pain (CLBP) is a condition where biological, psychological and social factors interact and mutually influence each other, both as causal factors and in maintaining the complaints. The most common disorders are somatoform disorders, affective disorders and substance abuse disorders, with major depression as the most common single diagnosis. Hence; we planned the present study to evaluate various coping strategies in patients with CLBP. Materials & methods: The clinical study and included evaluation of 50 patients that reported in the Department of Orthopaedics with history of CLBP. Socio-demographic Performa were filled containing the basic information about the patient. Full psychiatric assessment was done in these patients to assess the psychiatric morbidly; severity of pain was assessed by using VAS and disability was assessed using Oswesty low back pain scale. Various coping strategies were recorded in all the patients. All the data were recorded and analyzed by SPSS software. Results: A total of 50 patients with diagnosis of CLBP were included in the present study. Out of 50 patients with CLBP, 56 percent (28 patients) exhibited psychiatric illness. Coping strategies associated in patients with psychopathology were found to be avoidance, emotional support, optimism/problem solving and self-control. Conclusion: Psychiatric illness is present in significant population of patients affected by CLBP. Key words: Chronic Low back pain, Coping Strategies, Psychiatric Disorders.

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