Volume 6 Issue 2 (February, 2018)

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Comparison of Periodontal Health between Rural and Urban Population
Anitha G., Nagaraj M

Background: Periodontal disease affects the surrounding and supporting tissues around the teeth and is most commonly responsible for loss of teeth. Periodontal disease is more frequently seen in rural population than in urban this is mainly due to difference in nutritional habits, poor general and oral etiquetes, poor dental health care habits, lack of adequate rural dental equipment and preventive measures in rural areas. The present study was conducted to establish difference in periodontal status amongst subjects of rural and urban areas reporting to the hospital. Materials and methods: The sample subjects were aged between 20- 80 years of age. All the subjects were made to fill a proforma based on their habits and demographics. Interview based questions were also included. This study was conducted for 3 months duration. All the data obtained was recorded in a tabulated forma and analysed using SPSS software. Results: The study included 550 subjects, out of these 270 were males and 280 were females. The mean age of the study subjects was 42.45+/- 5.89 years. There were 60% urban subjects having code 2. There were 5% urban subjects with code 4. There were 13% urban subjects having code 2. Conclusion: There is wide variation in the periodontal status in India itself. From the study we can conclude that if dental treatment and education are provided to rural subjects the periodontal conditions can be improved. Key words: Education, Periodontal, Rural.

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