Volume 6 Issue 2 (February, 2018)

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A Prospective Study of Clinical Profile and Factors Affecting Visual Outcome in Phacolytic Glaucoma
Veladanda Raghu, Sindu Sulekha Chigiri, Charul Singh, Annam Swathi Sri

Background: The incidence of phacolytic glaucoma is very common in India, especially in rural areas and in patients of poor socioeconomic status, owing to the delay in getting the cataract removed. Aim of the Study: To analyse the clinical profile and factors affecting visual outcome in phacolytic glaucoma. Materials and Methods: We carried out a prospective study on 60 clinically diagnosed cases of phacolytic glaucoma. Patients underwent cataract extraction with or without posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation depending upon the feasibility. BCVA was estimated following retinoscopy and refraction at 6 weeks follow up. In those whom intraocular lens could not be implanted. BCVA with aphakic correction was taken for analyzing the visual outcome. The patients were followed up from the time of admission and surgery till 6 weeks post-operatively. Results: The age range of subjects included in this study was 56-83 years, with a mean age of 69.84 years. We found 42 (70%) females and 18 (30%) males in our sample. Phacolytic glaucoma was more prevalent in rural areas (75%) and in the lower socioeconomic status group. All cases of phacolytic glaucoma studied were unilateral. In 55% of cases left eye was affected. On analyzing the status of the other eye, 53.33 % of the subjects were found to be pseudophakic and 65% had better than 6/60 visual acuity. We found that 10% of patients presented after 10 days of onset of symptoms, of whom none had better than 6/18 final BCVA. Whereas of those who presented within 3 days of onset of symptoms 66.33% attained final BCVA better than 6/18. Majority (51.66%) of the subjects presented with IOP>40 mmHg. Conclusion: There is a significant correlation between duration of symptoms and level of initial IOP and final visual acuity. Keywords: Cataract, Intraocular pressure, Phacolytic glaucoma, Visual acuity, Visual outcome

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