Volume 5 Issue 9 (September, 2017)

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Quantitative Estimation and Evaluation of Existing Knowledge, Attitude and Awareness among Patients about Execution of Dental Implants- A Questionnaire Based Original Study
Shanu Rani, Ravishek Kumar Singh, Sachin Kundra

Background: Dental implants are viewed as outstanding amongst other treatment alternatives for totally or in partially edentulous patients. However, because of absence of learning and training numerous patients particularly in the locale of underdeveloped or developing nations don't settle on this. In current investigation the knowledge, attitude and awareness about dental implants was studied. Materials and Methods: Information on demographic characteristics, knowledge about implant as a possibility for missing tooth substitution, awareness of data and information about different choices of tooth substitution were acquired from patients going to different dental outpatient departments of hospitals and private dental facilities utilizing self explanatory study. Statistical Analysis and Results: Out of 360 subjects those got some information about the learning and demeanor about inserts, 47.3% had known about implants as a treatment methodology and dental practitioners was the fundamental source of data. Not many individuals had experienced implant surgery. The primary factor for not having implants was because of its high treatment charges. Conclusion: 47.3% of populace knew about dental implant as an option for supplanting missing teeth. The dental practitioners should give more detailed data to the patients about dental implants and tooth-supported fixed partial dentures in the future.
Keywords: Dental implant, Teeth replacement, Implant awareness, Public awareness.

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