Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

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Pattern of Tobacco use among health professional Students in Lucknow, India
Vinay Kumar Gupta, Gaurav Mishra, Seema Malhotra, Abhisek Verma

Background: Tobacco is the most important avoidable cause of premature mortality and morbidity in the world. In India Tobacco creates huge healthcare and economic problems. There is an urgent need to face this challenge and curb its use. Regular use of tobacco product is increasing in youth. Tobacco use is a fast growing behavior which is to be observed not only in the general population, but also among health professionals student. Aim: the aim of present study was to estimate the prevalence of tobacco use and assess its pattern among dental and medical students. Method: An Institution-based cross-sectional study carried among 400 undergraduate dental and medical students attending from Ist Year to internship program at the dental and medical institution of Lucknow. Data were collected using a self-administered close ended questionnaire. Results: Prevalence of tobacco use among health professional students were 21.1%(16.9% smokers, 3.3% chewers). it was higher among male than female. Most of tobacco users feel Fatigue, Self-rewarding, Refreshed after taking tobacco. Most of students tried tobacco product in that more than 80% are taking routinely. Most of them given the reason to start tobacco are Curiosity, Stress and Pleasure. Most of them do not have feeling of tobacco product first thing in the morning.15.9% have the habit to use tobacco at night.70% of students getting knowledge about disastrous effect of tobacco from media and class. 80% seen or heard message past 1 month. 95.6% of students says that tobacco product is easily available near college, hostel and home.81.2% of students opinion that dentist has role of in tobacco cessation program .Most of students (78.9%) opinion about tobacco product that it should be completely ban in public place. 71.8% says that tobacco is difficult to quit. Conclusion: Tobacco use is increasing among health professional students. While the findings of this study suggest that substance use among the medical students was not alarming. Social influences of tobacco use which are so deeply rooted that even a medical environment failed to curb the deadly habit completely. The institution must be vigilant in monitoring and educating the students about the consequences of tobacco use. Key words: Tobacco, Medical student, Dental student

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