Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

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Cross-Sectional Assessment of Patients Satisfaction in Implant Supported Prostheses with Ball and Bar Clip Attachments: An Original Study
Amrita Pritam, Nivedita Mall, Anshika Agarwal , Shivanshu

Aim: This study was conducted to estimate the levels of patient satisfaction in completely edentulous patients those rehabilitated by implant supported prostheses with ball and bar clip. Materials & Methods: A questionnaire-based survey was completed on 10 patients for those who were rehabilitated by implant supported prostheses with ball and bar clip strategy. Complete dentures were fabricated by conventional method and later on converted into implant supported prostheses with ball and bar clip. In first 5 patients bar attachments were placed while in other 5 patients ball attachment were placed. A preformed questionnaire containing 7 questions about satisfaction and quality of post treatment life was distributed among patients in their follow up visits. This study comprised of patients who truthfully responded to this questionnaire. Response was recorded and data was processed statistically to evaluate satisfaction levels. Results: Statistical evaluation using statistical software Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The resultant data was subjected to suitable statistical tests to draw concrete inferences. Outcomes in the questionnaire were very significant. 4 patients were satisfied with the ball supported prosthesis. 9 patients were satisfied with the phonetics and esthetics of bar/ball supported prosthesis. 10 patients satisfied with the chewing efficiency and retention of bar/ball supported prosthesis. 8 patients think that bar/ball supported prosthesis are exceptionally comfortable when compared to conventional CD. Conclusion: In the studied patients, the relative level of satisfaction regarding implant supported prostheses with ball was approximately fair. However, the measured satisfaction was literally superior in cases of implant supported prostheses with bar clip. This shows the relative importance of bar clip supported prostheses over ball supported prostheses. Key words: Implantology, Ball and Bar Clip, Satisfaction, Questionnaire, Prostheses

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