Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

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Assessment of Efficacy of two Different Obturating Techniques while performing Root Canal Therapy: A Comparative Study
Chandrakanth Majeti, Swathi Gumudavelli, Laxman Roy Ch

Background: The success of this treatment depends on many factors, and the technical quality of Root canal therapy is one of the most important.The success features of RCT, namely absence of pain, regression of AP, tight seal of canal and coronal spaces, and recovery of tooth function, must be reevaluated over time.Hence; we planned the present study to assess and compare the efficacy of two different obturating techniques in performing root canal therapy. Materials & methods: The present research included assessment and comparison of efficacy of two different obturating techniques in performing root canal therapy. A total of 50 freshly extracted mandibular premolars were obtained from the department of oral surgery and orthodontics. All the teeth specimens were randomly divided into two study groups as follows: Group A: Teeth specimens obturated with lateral condensation technique, Group A: Teeth specimens obturated with Obtura II technique.Obturation was carried out in both the study groups according to techniques. Sectioning of the root portion of the tooth specimens was done with double end diamond discs and was assessed under stereomicroscope. Frequency and area of occurrence of voids was calculated and recorded in Microsoft excel sheet. Results: Mean area of voids in the Group A specimens was 1.7525 while in mean area of voids in the group B specimens was 10842. While comparing the mean area of voids in between specimens of group A and group B, significant results were obtained. Mean number of voids among specimens of Group A and Group B was 21 percent and 12 percent respectively. While comparing the mean number of voids in between the two study groups significant results were obtained. Conclusion: Obtura II technique produced less voids and is more effective in comparison to lateral condensation technique. Key words: Efficacy, Obturation, Root canal treatment.

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