Volume 6 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

Case Reports

Non Surgical Management of Periapical Lesion Using Calcium Hydroxide: A Two Year Follow Up
Vinisha Pandey, Vipin Kumar, Reshu Singh, Subhra Dey, Harshit Singhania, Vriti Kohli

Periapical lesions usually develop in non vital teeth as a result of a chronic aggression by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms into the root canal which may appear as radiolucent lesions in radiographs. Treatment of such lesions varies from non surgical to surgical means depending upon individual case. In the era of minimally invasive dentistry, non surgical endodontic approach has been highly recommended to promote periapical healing. Calcium hydroxide plays a pivotal role in such procedures since it has very effective anti-bacterial properties and special ability of tissue repair by hard tissue formation. The case report series below describes the regression of periapical lesions using nonsurgical endodontic treatment along with calcium hydroxide based medicament. Key words: Calcium hydroxide, periapical healing, endodontic therapy, non-surgical, canal disinfection.

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