Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

Review Articles

Invisalign: A Transparent Braces
Kislaya Kumar, Shivani Bhardwaj, Vishal Garg

In current scenario not only adults have Influence of appearance in their professional and personal lives but also children have influence of the same. Appearance does count at any age. The face and the teeth have also come to play a part in his presentation to the outside world. To enhance this desire, attention has been given to correct malformations of teeth. In earlier times this was done by crude methods. And then evolved the concept of braces; fixed on the labial surfaces. Esthetic requirements repels adult patient from accepting traditional metallic look orthodontic appliance. Tooth colored brackets and wires gained popularity for a few decades but gradually declined owing to its own disadvantages. Orthodontists have given a new dimension by shifting from the labial to the lingual so as to give rise to the concept of Invisible braces or Lingual Orthodontics. Key words: Clear Aligner, Esthetic Brackets, Invisalign, Lingual Orthodontics.

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