Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

Review Articles

A Review on Molecular Markers in the Pathogenesis of Ameloblastoma
Archana.N.K, Maya Ramesh, Sekar.B, Rajathi Arun, Indra Priyadharshini, Ambika

Ameloblastoma is a benign odontogenic tumor of jaw bone. The tumor arises from the residual epithelium of the tooth germ, epithelium of odontogenic cysts, stratified squamous epithelium and epithelium of the enamel organ. It represents approximately 1% of oral tumors. It is a highly invasive and destructive tumor that shows a high rate of recurrence despite adequate surgical removal. Molecular studies have offered recent updates and very significant findings regarding the pathogenesis of ameloblastoma. This review is to focus on the current updates in the molecular biology of ameloblastoma for it plays an essential role in identifying the prognostic markers of ameloblastoma behaviour and to develop more effective alternative approaches to the treatment of aggressive odontogenic tumor. Key Words: Ameloblastoma, Molecular pathogenesis, Immunohistochemical markers, odontogenic neoplasm.

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