Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

Review Articles

Amniotic Membrane- A New Vista in Periodontics
Aaysha Tabinda Nabi, Irfanul Huda, Anusha Pratap, Sonali Kumari, Prabhat Kumar Singh, Puja Singh

Periodontal diseases are very common these days and thus it is a matter of concern for dentist. The infection affects the teeth as well as structure surrounding the teeth for example gums, periodontal ligament etc. surgical as well as non surgical treatment is most commonly preferred for the treatment of periodontal disease however a satisfactory result is not obtained. Recently amniotic membrane is been admired in periodontics because of its healing potential and regenerative capacity. Amniotic membrane is nothing but the inner most lining of placenta. This amniotic membrane has proteins, growth factors, stem cells etc which all together helps in regeneration and repair. Keywords: Periodontal disease, amniotic membrane, regeneration, repair

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