Volume 6 Issue 2 (February, 2018)

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Survey on Different Types of Hypertensive Disorders and its Complications among Pregnant Women
Hitasha Girdher, Kirandeep Kaur Sekhon, Karanprakash Singh, Chitra Anandani, Harinder Pal Singh

Background: To determine the frequency and distribution of different types of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. Materials and Methods: The retrospective descriptive survey design was adopted for this study in order to describe and identify pregnant women about to develop hypertension during the course of her pregnancy. The study comprised of 51 pregnant women aged 20-35 years. Data was gathered by structured questionnaires on medical history to ascertain their age, area, alteration in blood pressure levels, symptoms and risk factors contributing to high blood pressure of patient. Results: A total of 50 pregnant women aged between 20-35 years were assessed with pregnancies between 1 and 9 months of gestation. Respondents were mostly in the age group of 20-25 and were non-employed .More than half of the women belong to rural areas (27), who attended antenatal clinic. Mostly women from rural areas were facing with health problems as compared to urban areas due to lack of various facilities and poor health care, 13 (25.5%) of women were having gestational hypertension and 6(11.8%) chronic hypertension. High salt diet was the major cause of high BP among 13 pregnant women while rest agreed that they take low salt diet. The frequency of hypertension was significantly high in women with family history of hypertension. Headache, dizziness, nausea were the most common problem, while epigastric pain was the secondary cause among pregnant women who attended antenatal clinic. Conclusion: The study concluded that the incidence of hypertension disorders in pregnancy was high. Chronic and gestational hypertension was the most common hypertension disorders among these patients. High salt diet and family history were the main causing factors of hypertension among pregnant women. Key words: Hypertension, Pregnancy, Gestational Hypertension, Risk factors, Prevalence

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