Volume 6 Issue 2 (February, 2018)

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A Cross Sectional Survey about Awareness and Current Status Regarding Infection Control in Dental Laboratories in
Namratha Chandrahari, Prathiba N, Priyanka R, Mansha Saxena

Background: Dentistry is predominantly a field of surgery, involving exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials and therefore requires a high standard of infection control and safety practice in controlling cross-contamination and occupational exposures to blood- and saliva-borne diseases. Aim: To assess the knowledge, attitude, and behaviour of dental technicians toward infection control practised by them in dental laboratories in and around Hyderabad, India. Materials and Methods: We carried out a cross sectional survey of dental laboratories in dental colleges of South India. A self administered questionnaire containing seven closed ended and nine open ended questions was randomly distributed to laboratory technicians in 50 laboratories in and around Hyderabad, India, regarding their attitude and knowledge of infection control measures like the use of gloves, protective eyeglasses, receiving of impression in laboratory, disinfection of impression etc. Results: The response showed that most of the dental technicians receive 25-35 (35%) in a week. We found that most of the laboratory attendants carry impressions in plastic bag (90%) to the laboratory. Only 30% of the dental technicians said that they were aware of infection control protocol. Only 12 % of the technicians told that they receive impressions while wearing gloves. Conclusion: We concluded that most of the dental technicians were not aware of the basic infection control protocols. Key words: Disinfection, Impression, Dental Institutes, Infection Control, Laboratory Technicians.

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