Volume 5 Issue 9 (September, 2017)

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Comparative Assessment of Nutritional Status of Patients using Conventional Complete Denture and Implant Supported Overdenture
Ranjana Balla, Himanshu Gupta, Roshika Sudan

Background: The satisfaction rate of completely edentulous patients has been reported to be 70%. The rest 30% patients have complaints with their dentures regarding inadequate stability and retention especially for lower denture, pain and difficulty on chewing food. After implant treatment, patients report high levels of satisfaction regarding various aspects of their denture function and they are more satisfied than patients with similar problems who receive a conventional denture without implant support. Aim of the study: To assess the nutritional status of patients using conventional complete dentures and implant supported overdentures. Materials and methods: The present study was conducted in the Department of Prosthodontics of the dental institution. For the study, we selected 50 edentulous patients. 25 patients had got implant supported overdenture while 25 had got conventional complete dentures. The age of the patients ranged from 35 to 65 years. For the evaluation of nutritional status of patients, 50 cc of venous blood from antecubital vein was taken from each patient and sent to laboratory for evaluation. Results: A total of 50 subjects participated, 25 patients in each group, Group CD and Group IO. The mean age of patients in Group CD was 52.92 years and Group IO was 54.31 years. On comparing the mean of different parameters, non-significant results were obtained. The mean values of majority of the variables fall in the normal values except Cholesterol levels. Conclusion: the comparison of nutritional status of patients using conventional complete denture and patients with implant supported overdentures from past 10 years showed non-significant differences. The blood parameters for both the groups were in normal range except for cholesterol levels.
Keywords: Complete denture, Edentulous, Implant, Overdenture.

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