Volume 9 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

Case Reports

Neutral zone - a myth or a reality
Shrathi Jasneep, Kottor JJLH

There are some issues in complete denture prosthodontics which have been difficult to locate objectively and one of them is certainly a neutral zone. It is important since placement of teeth within the zone can be crucial for long term denture stability. We present a simple technique of recording neutral zone for a complete denture prosthesis using commonly used clinical dental materials. The technique involves recording the neutral zone in the patient using impression compound as a molding material over which a putty index is formed. The index when placed on the denture base allows pouring of wax within the mold, the walls of which represent the functionally molded surrounding oral musculature. The technique is simple, inexpensive and easily mastered. . Keywords: cheeks, functional impression, complete denture, neutral zone, tongue.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.