Volume 9 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

Case Reports

Duplication of canine guidance using a temporary cantilever bridge
Nadeem Yunus, Shailesh Jain

Duplication of anterior guidance is not difficult, but transfer of the anticipated anterior guidance can be cumbersome, especially in tricky clinical partial edentulous situations where permanent canine is missing. The role of a provisional restoration can be handful for a clinician to determine whether a conservative approach can be used to fulfill the treatment objectives. Use of a cantilever prosthesis to replace a functional canine is not recommended unless allowed by existing functional occlusion. We present a report of a missing maxillary canine that was used as a model to decide whether a conventional three unit fixed partial denture would be avoided and a cantilever two unit fixed partial denture would suffice. Adjacent maxillary first premolar was prepared for a porcelain fused to metal retainer and a temporary cantilever heat cure denture base acrylic resin was cemented in place. The patient was then asked to perform natural occlusal functions for a period of four weeks. At four week evaluation, there was no significant wear of the temporary restoration nor was any cement failure reported. This clinical technique should be practiced in every case where prognosis is doubtful to a clinician. Keywords: occlusion, canine guidance, esthetics, mutually protected occlusion.

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